Concours national d’écriture sur la photographie de Vivian Maier

Concours national d’écriture sur la photographie de Vivian Maier

Une artiste américaine hors normes

Sélection du texte de Yona Kervern, élève de seconde 5.

Nous avons participé à un concours national d’écriture sur la photographie de Vivian Maier, une artiste américaine hors normes. Il a fallu imaginer une histoire en lien avec l’une de ses photos. Parmi des milliers de rédactions de toute la France et de l’étranger, le jury a sélectionné une dizaine de textes dont le travail de Yona Kervern, notre élève de 2nde 5. Nous la félicitons et sommes très fiers d’elle !

Yona from Mme Mazurek’s class, Lycée St Pierre Fourier, Paris



One day I met these two people. They were standing in front of me, a man holding firmly the arm of a woman who seemed to be his wife. They seemed a bit out of place, simple people, surely disadvantages, with little means… Her eyes were empty, she seemed disoriented. She had lost her way in the streets of New York. Indeed, for several years she had been ill, she had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals, it was hard for him to take care of her, because she suffered from Alzheimer’s and thus often got lost in the streets… That day, he had found her. All alone, she rediscovered the only path that she still remembered, the one and only that remained in her memory. A path from another time, and yet still so present in her.

He had found her in front of her elementary school. Only this man knew where to find her, because he knew the secrets of her heart. She, so, old, remembered the place where she had grown up. She had forgotten everything, but not her school, surely one of her few happy memories of her painful existence. So fently he took her arm and said, “Don’t worry, it’s over. We’re going home my darling. We crossed each other, we stared at each other, I took my camera and I immortalised the moment, to never forget their faces. They were surprised, so I smiled at them. And when I turned back, I could see them, together, still holding hands…